Loot Crate

I have done multiple packaging and other designs for Loot Crate’s various subscriptions, including the primary subscription line, Loot Gaming, Loot Anime, and Loot Pets.  Some of those for Loot Gaming include both the packaging and the theme art, which is used on social media and the associated information book. All vector packaging design is done within the limits of a provided die line and a four color palette.

Loot Pets - Horror Label
Loot Gaming - Rumble Photo
Dungeon box & book
Dungeon theme art
Arena box & book
Arena theme art


Currently under early development. An upcoming webcomic based on the concept of Clarke’s Third Law: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Cradle Character Redesign Cradle : Props Cradle Concepts 1 Cradle Concepts 2 Cradle Concepts 3

Cradle : Time of Day Studies
Cradle: New Props
Cradle: Location Sketches
Cradle : Island Sketches


A combination of comic and eventual freeform forum RP, Alizentha takes place in somewhat traditional high fantasy universe with an ice age spin. Much of the written background information for the game was developed with a friend, Samantha Sly, but the art is done by me.

Alizentha : Arla Alizentha - Isvarnii Concepts 


Broker & Son Solutions

An original concept for a comic or other series — a handyman service for modern monsters.  Currently working on a three page mini-comic to introduce the concept.

B&SS Thumbnails B&SS - Zeke Sketches Broker & Son Solutions, page 1 Character sketch portraitsZeke Doodles 


Starting as a project for a class, Zikkihuru was an exploration into an alien world very similar to Earth with intelligent life coming in a smaller package.

Zikkihuru : Friends
Development work
Zikkihuru : The Fog
Development work
Zikkihuru : The Village
Development work
Zikkihuru : The Lava
Development work 

Other Work

The Chick
Lovebird Herbalist
Black Stallion Redo SketchThe Black Stallion : Freedom (in progress)
The Turaco Rider
Development work 
Manhattan Color ScriptManhattan Color Script

Small Paintings

Inktober Highlights

Inktober 2016 was primarily bird-oriented using brush and felt tip pens. Inktober 2015 was an adventure into working with acrylic ink washes. You can read more and see additional pictures by checking out the Inktober tag. Most of the 2015 images are based on characters or creatures from various preexisting video games.

Inktober 2015 #1 - Inkay Inktober 2015 #2 - Aron Inktober 2015 #5 - Galvantula Inktober 2015 #7 - Visage Inktober 2015 #9 - Dark Seer Inktober 2015 #11 - Phoenix Inktober 2015 #13 - Night Stalker Inktober 2015 #15 - Templar Assassin Inktober 2015 #19 - Elder Titan Inktober 2015 #22 - Gorge Inktober 2015 #24 - MAC Inktober 2015 #25 - Budgie Inktober 2015 #30 - Alexandrine Parakeet Inktober 2015 #31 - Ganymede


Bird Buttons Black Stallion Initial Sketches       

Drawing from Life

LA Zoo Sketches LA Zoo - Nov '13 1 LA Zoo - Nov '13 2 

Sculpted Dioramas

Greater Mittar
Development work
Imaginatomy - Finish 2Sail-backed Hyena
Development work